In the middle of the madness of Melbourne Festival, I was commissioned by the good people at the Digital Writer’s Festival to take part in their ‘Video Hits‘ project. Six artists were paired up anonymously, each creating one video to send off, and producing the sound design for the video they received. I was paired with the excellent Sarinah Makusor to create the videos below on a super tight deadline. It was quite extraordinary, seeing the way the meaning of the works shifted and developed with the input of another artist.

Visuals by Sarinah Masukor, Audio by Sarah Walker

Sarinah: A scene recreated from half memories. Record players replaced by laptops. Camera tests. Silent speech.

Sarah: We’ve all had those days. The ones where everything feels underwater and you’re trying to shut your brain up, trying to find the point between anxiety and despair. The ones where everything’s just wrong. That’s what this video brought up for me.

Visuals by Sarah Walker, Audio by Sarinah Makusor

Sarah: Every now and then, I have one of those moments of coming to – when you’re suddenly conscious of where you are, and have no idea how you’ve got there. And those days where your dreams seep into your reality and you can’t quite extricate yourself. Featuring the excellent Lucy Hotchin.

Sarinah: Handmade sounds to respond to surreal images. Working with what you have on hand. Relentless machine hiss.


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